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Ma pole päris ammu teinud postitust telefoni kogunenud piltidest, ometi koguneb neid sinna igapäevaselt, seega on viimane aeg see pisike viga parandada. Mõned pildid on juba läbi käinud ka Instagramist, mõned siiski mitte. Instagramis saab mind jätkuvalt jälgida kasutajanime hebbsh alt. Konto sätted on küll private peal, kuid ma üldjuhul ikkagi võtan kõik soovijad siiski vastu :)


I haven't done any of those life lately posts in a long time, even though I use my phone daily to take photos, so it's about time to fix that little mistake. Some of the photos shown here you might have already seen on Instagram, some of them not. You can find me on Instagram under the username hebbsh. My account is private atm but I usually accept all of the requests, so feel free to follow me there as well :)
 No snapshot post is complete without photos of food and drink. I tried black (!?) water for the first time. I thought it tasted a bit funny but my boyfriend loved it. I also made delicious zucchini noodles with snow peas, cherry tomatoes and pesto-yoghurt sauce for lunch a few days ago. Tasted heavenly and looked good! 
 I'm always amazed by the funny positions animals can sleep in - this guy cracks me up every time I see him. And well, quite obviously I can't stop taking photos of him.
    I had my BA's most terrifying exam a couple of weeks ago. I really thought I'd either get my first failure or just a low mark and cry my eyes out (I'm a bit of a nerd, I know!) but for my surprise I absolutely aced it and I still kind of can't believe it. It's funny when that happens - you enter the exam room all confused thinking you're gonna fail and end up getting the best mark there is. And since it was my last exam for this year it felt great to finally just relax and not worry about school for a little while.
     I was having an early morning study session, so the boyfriend brought us breakfast - and McDonald's was his idea of a good breakfast. And then wine was his idea of a good dinner.  
We also had this little cutie visiting us a couple of weeks ago. He stayed with us for a whole week - such a funny guy and we absolutely loved having him here. Thanks again for letting us babysit him, Maiken
 And well, like I said, snapshots are a lot about food I cannot not share my absolute favorite salad at one of my favorite place in Tartu - beef salad with lime and chili dressing at cafe Cookbook. And of course there's a photo of a beautiful yellow field that makes even a dark and cold day look a bit warm and colorful.
    Heading home and leaving the sun behind while also admiring my best friend's ice cream package design that can now finally be found in stores. I couldn't help but feel super proud of her.


  1. awww, mu nunnumeeter on lihtsalt nii põhjas praegu! :D Elvis on selle parempoolse pildi peal nii titeka näoga. ja mul on nii hea meel, et üldse nõus olite, ja et kõik nii hästi sujus! tundub, et võib teinekordki Eldurit välja laenutada ;)
    aga jah, selle mäki eine nägemine pani mul ila jooksma igatahes. väga kena ajastus! tahan ka! muide, andsin Kreetal endale lubaduse, et vähemalt mõnda aega ma Eestis friikartuleid ei söö (sest seal olid nii head friikad ja Eestis pole ma kunagi nii häid saanud). siiamaani olen edukas olnud. aga burksi võtaks ikkagi... ühe McRoyali näiteks! :D aa ja toda jätsi polegi veel märganud poodides. kui näen, siis proovin ära.

    1. mind valdas ennast sama tunne, kui ma parasjagu õppimisega maadlesin ja Elvis laua alt järsku pea mulle sülle pani ja siis päris tükiks ajaks sinna niimoodi jäi. no siuke nunnukas! :) jäätist leidsin ma jõksi selverist. mujal pole veel märganud, aga ta vist vaikselt jõuabki alles poodidesse.

  2. I always love your instagram moments dear! They are somehow very sweet, natural and tender. First of all congratulations with your exam! It's always the case: when you're expectations are low you get the best grade/time/work/ name it!
    And concratulations to your friend! How cool is it that she had a chance to design domething so awesome!
    Have a great summer and I'm lookinggorward to your new Instagram shots:)





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