Life through my phone

I must say, I'm very glad to see that cameras on cell phones these days have improved so much. Makes it so much easier to capture simple moments in life when you don't happen to have your camera with you, doesn't it?
I have some snapshots here that are mostly from October - some of them you may have already seen on my Instagram (username hebbsh).
UntitledOctober treated us with beautiful weatherUntitled
Fun and delicious dinner dates with good friendsUntitled
Healthy late night snacks as opposed to my usual late night snack:
 a bag of spicy chips and some dipUntitledCoffee and my very first self-made red velvet cupcakesUntitled
1. Bed shopping
2. Staying awake at 3AM, taking selfies because the wind outside was so loud that I couldn't fall asleep
3. Last sort of summery outfit
4. Found a bottle of wine from a winery my boyfriend and I visited a few years ago in FranceUntitled
And of course life lately means tons of snapshots of the furry friend:
1. Sleeping on my report that I was supposed to give to my teacher - was she trying to tell me something?
2. Sleepy baby
 3. "C'mon human, gimme sum foodz now!"
4. Enjoying the golden leaves and making eye contact with another cute spaniel 
1. First Christmas decorations are already out!
2. Receiving a parcel is always exciting, even if you know exactly what's in it
3. New favorite necklace
4. Baby orchid finally blossoming again after a 3-year-break


  1. Anonymous11/17/2013

    Nii ilus õis orhideel! Kutsu on ka muidugi üliarmas!

  2. 1. need friikartulid ja see salat seal plaadikese peal! mmm, tahan ka! :D kus selliseid pakutakse??
    2. see klaaskauss tekitas väikest nostalgiat. mäletan neid kausse pikkade aastate tagusest ajast :P
    3. Jenny on üks suur nunnupall :)
    4. vaatasin reedel sarnaseid massiivseid kaelakeesid, hõbedakarva ja kullakarva, aga veel ei tellinud. kiusatus on suur igatahes.
    5. mul on ka sellist tüüpi orhideedega see teema, et nad ei taha eriti õitseda, aga nüüd on pea kõik orhideed möllama kukkunud. juba ootan hirmsasti kõiki neid õisi! :)

    1. aga mis nimeline see roog oli? vaatasin nende menüüd ja ei suutnud esimese hooga leida midagi sellist vist...

    2. ee ma niimoodi tõesti enam ei mäleta... aga kui ma ise menüüd vaatan, siis äkki see veise sisefilee, aga samas kartulid tulevad seal vähe teisel kujul

  3. I totally agree God bless iphones and Instagram!:) I love the quick yet absolutely beautiful photos we can make with modern cell phones. Your Instagram profile is case in point!:) love your stunning, full of fall colours, coziness and beauty photos:)




  4. Beautiful pictures especially views of nature


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